[Johor & Selangor] Juruteknik Kanan

Telekom Malaysia Berhad


Juruteknik Kanan

Job Responsibility

  1. Maintain all Switching elements and services to ascertain smooth and seamless inter-working with other network elements, satisfying customers’ needs in terms of service integrity, reliability, quality and timeliness in the most cost effective way.
  2. Maintain Switching network elements and services to ensure high quality performance to meet customer requirement.
  3. Ensure execution of Switching preventive maintenance according to Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly requirement as stipulated in quality Management system procedures.
  4. Ensure fault restoration to the switching network elements is carried out in an effective manner in order to achieve high customers satisfaction.
  5. Resolve all customer complaints in relations with switching elements in timely manner.
  6. Control, execute and complete task of new, additional or closing of circuit advice according to NIS work order.
  7. Ensure all power related issues (PRI), such as Earthing, air-conditioning, Fire Prevention, Batteries, Rectifiers and AC systems are installed and maintained according to the specification.
  8. Ensure the new projects are acceptance, commissioned and handover for operation according to the specification with proper documentation.

 Job Requirement

  1. SPM or certificate In Engineering or Telecommunication Or Equivalent with Technical Experience.
  2. Credit in Bahasa Malaysia at SPM level.

Sila mohon melalui http://www.tmcareer.com.my/


Tarikh Tutup Permohonan: 01/10/2012



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